BPM Supreme offers a unique and innovative approach to music delivery

Our goal is to provide a top-quality music platform for DJs, producers, and artists that enables them to excel in their careers. BPM Supreme strives to also be a trusted source for industry news and content.

Where do professional DJs get their music?

That is the question we asked ourselves when BPM Supreme was created. By crafting a single platform to download top quality music BPM Supreme has become a leading music delivery service for professional DJs, producers, and artists across the globe. Over the past ten years, we’ve partnered with the biggest record labels, gear manufacturers, software companies, artists and producers worldwide. Our goal is to be the number one trusted source for DJ-ready audio and continue providing essential tools to the DJ community.

Who we are

In 2006 BPM Supreme operated as a local record pool in San Diego. The main service was centralized on providing physical data discs full of the month’s top music to local DJs. A few short years later and with a total of 5 dedicated employees the digital record pool platform was launched. With the objective of providing a music platform made specifically for professional DJs, BPM Supreme saw rapid growth in the DJ market. As the user-base grew so did the staff. Now with over 40 in-house employees and a growing number of brand ambassadors around the world, BPM Supreme is fast becoming a major music platform that is trusted by top level DJs.